This week is EVEN 10. 12. – 16. 12. 2018
no. 50

Welcome to the student intranet
of Faculty of Civil Engineering

We are testing logging in by BUT name, so now you log in only once to work in all BUT sites. If you find any trouble when loggin in, let us know via Report an error form on left side menu.

Log in with BUT login name

Logging in with BUT login name

How does it work?

You may know the system from logging in to BUT portal.
If you are not logged in BUT portal, click on the button above and enter yout BUT name and BUT password. You will be forwarded to FCE Intranet.
If you are already logged in BUT portal, click on button above and you will be forwarded directly to FCE Intranet.
If you use BUT login and you will log off on any of BUT sites, you will automatically close all you sessions on all BUT sites. So don't forget to save your work on all BUT sites first.

Current information

Results of the teaching quality assessment Results at FCE BUT including the statements of the heads of institutes to the students' comments.
Forgotten your password? You have to come in person to the Office of Academic Affairs (STO) and ask the staff to reset your password.
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Verification of your data is necessary to grant access to FCE Intranet.
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